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2010 – Protocol to Observe before you post

I am starting today “2010, October series”. Post your October comments here using comment box at the bottom.

The Sept 2010 series will be archived in PDF and HTML format (to make it searchable) and is made available from Download center (It will take 7 days because old queries posted there will be replied in next few days). DO NOT POST ANY QUERIES IN Sept 2010 – It will not be answered. Old entries not yet replied will be replied there within 2 days.

I am making few changes. My reply will not be detailed as before. It will not be more than 10 lines at the most. If there is any major issue of concern or interest is shown by the readers, I will promptly address it in the form a separate post or page, so that repetitive query are not posted or answered, and the readers can enjoy only single point of reference for that issue.

The readers may note another important protocol. Please post your comments in the following format:

HEADING – Write in Capital letters, name of the stock enquired about or title of major issue as per reader’s choice. Do not extend beyond one line.


  1. Write your query or specific question very clearly.
  2. Do not use compliments for my predictions or assessments. Yes, you can criticize.
  3. Write each issue in one Para.
  4. Do not use essay form. Write to the point, do not be apologetic for anything nor bother about what I would feel about your post, just speak out your mind clearly.
  5. Use your normal word processor, to write your comments first, think over it, have it spell checked with proper capitalization, and then only post it.
  6. Make a standard format or template using the present protocol, so that you do not forget anything like your name, city etc.

At the END OF MESSAGE, please mention without fail

  • your Name (you can use nickname, but mention real name in the bracket as I do)
  • City
  • Country and
  • Date of posting (although I know it, but when I consolidate at month end, the program does not use the posted date. It is better you write the date of posting and time (not so essential)

Formatting your posts in above manner will make entire post pleasant, eye catching, and highlight the stocks or subject in such a way that other readers can scroll through easily to find what they want even from your message.

Kalidas (Anil Selarka)
Hong Kong,  Sept 30, 2010

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