Black Money – India’s Shadow Chase

Black Money is the most controversial topic in India. It was part of BJP Manifesto to bring out the black money which are reportedly stashed abroad to the extent of US$ 400 Bln to 500 Billions. There are no basis on which such estimates have been made. Pitifully, such wild numbers are accepted by the politicians like brilliant Prime Minister Modi without analyzing the truth. In this major article, the author Kalidasji (Real name is Anil Selarka) quashes every wrong impression piece by piece with great insightful mind. The author skillfully discusses the sources of black money, its origin, current locations and whether they can be extracted with any success. Howsoever Mr. Modi will be as person or as Prime Minister, he can not do anything unless his coffers are full. They can be filled only by extracting black money and tax derived therefrom. The Author also dashes the conception that most black money is stashed abroad with very logical arguments and convincing mathematical truth. This is such hot topic that it must be debated across the country and beyond. Please read this article, and if possible, pass on the link to your friends, economists, experts and members of your constituencies.