Black Money – India’s Shadow Chase

Black Money is the most controversial topic in India. It was part of BJP Manifesto to bring out the black money which are reportedly stashed abroad to the extent of US$ 400 Bln to 500 Billions. There are no basis on which such estimates have been made. Pitifully, such wild numbers are accepted by the politicians like brilliant Prime Minister Modi without analyzing the truth. In this major article, the author Kalidasji (Real name is Anil Selarka) quashes every wrong impression piece by piece with great insightful mind. The author skillfully discusses the sources of black money, its origin, current locations and whether they can be extracted with any success. Howsoever Mr. Modi will be as person or as Prime Minister, he can not do anything unless his coffers are full. They can be filled only by extracting black money and tax derived therefrom. The Author also dashes the conception that most black money is stashed abroad with very logical arguments and convincing mathematical truth. This is such hot topic that it must be debated across the country and beyond. Please read this article, and if possible, pass on the link to your friends, economists, experts and members of your constituencies.

Reliance Buy Back – An Exercise in Futility

Reliance Industries proposal to buyback its own shares upto Rs 10,400 crores is considered by the Author Kalidas as an exercise of futility. He questions Mukesh Ambani’s wisdom and analyzes that he has been faltering of late. He has been listening to others who are giving him poor advice and the enormous money that he has carefully built have begun to leak in the form of non core industry investment when the opportunities abound in his own core sector. The author plods him to abandon the non core projects and in stead re-deploy the proceeds into core industry directly associated with RIL. If he does that, it will be a matter of time when the RIL would emerge as World’s Top 5 companies in less than four years. Read further, it is part 1

Scams, Scandals & Stock Markets – the ultimate buy opportunities.

The Author provides tools to investors how should they deal with seemingly bad news and convert them into solid money making opportunities. Scams and Scandals are the integral part of the super bull or bear markets where the temptations are more and real opportunities are less that create the fraudsters. While the Author has given the real life examples from Indian stock markets, the principles involved may be applied in all markets with difference only in degrees depending on the practices of respective stock exchange and their internal rules.

Osama Bin Laden – Is he Dead or Alive?

Anil Selarka (aks Kalidas) carries out speculative analysis of the death of Osama Bin Laden, the longest running fugitive and considered by United States and other Western Powers as a terrorist and mass murderer. Whether he is really dead or not is analyzed by the Author.

Arab World to Western Powers – Mind Your Own Business

In this article, Anil Selarka or Kalidas (His nick name), describes the folly or Americans, Brits and Europeans in imposing economic sanctions on Arabic and Muslim nations as and when they pleases and freeze their FOREX reserve lying in United States and United Kingdom. It has become self-defeating exercise for them. The Arab nations have started quoting in EURO to obviate $ freezing actions with the result that oil prices have started rising with double speed. The buyer nation of oil has to buy Euro first (and sell dollar) to settle the trade in Euro. The oil prices are therefore getting double boost. One rising oil price due to QE2 program by FED and another forced selling of dollar in favour of Euro. The Author has provided valuable insight into whole affairs for which there is simple solution – De-Freeze National Reserve of any country – lying in United States. Read more…

Quake in Japan, Tremors in America

Author Anil Selarka evaluates the aftermath of Japan tragedy of quake and tsunami. He deliberates on the options open to Japanese government and where it commits serious errors. He says that the best option open to Japan was to sell its dollar reserve and buy yen instead of just printing more and more yen which will cause most serious inflation. With Japanese government throwing almost 25 Trillion yen into the money market (equivalent to $ 300 billions), he says that this money will be up in smoke in just two days. The need of the hour for Japanese government is to indulge into tangible assets growth and its management, not paper trading like money market operations. He says that Yen contrary to all expectation will rise to 60 from 82 level against US dollar. With Japan possibly remaining absent at future treasury auctions in United States, the possibility of higher rates in USA is written all over it. If dollar weakens due to Japanese selling, Chinese the largest holder of US treasury are not going to keep quiet. They too will join Japan which may escalate the currency crisis. The author has written previous article “Enter the Second Stage of Financial Crisis” only a few weeks ago, which may become reality soon due to these unexpected events. The nature is supreme – the author says. One can not continue to suppress truth for a long time. Japanese were doing it for over 16 years, and it finally exploded with natural calamity. Read the article for major effects and economic fall out from Japan quake and following tsunami. The author has also penned a remarkable book “Sub Prime Resolved” which is perhaps the only book that provided total solution to the economic crisis faced by the United States and the world.

Enter the Second Stage of Financial Crisis

Author warns of impending second financial crisis which may be triggered by Silver and gold which have been shorted by major money center banks in United States and some more in UK, Europe and Switzerland. The second stage of financial crisis will be painful one because it is going to negate the hopes of recovery and GDP growth. Read the full article.