Black Money – India’s Shadow Chase

Black Money is the most controversial topic in India. It was part of BJP Manifesto to bring out the black money which are reportedly stashed abroad to the extent of US$ 400 Bln to 500 Billions. There are no basis on which such estimates have been made. Pitifully, such wild numbers are accepted by the politicians like brilliant Prime Minister Modi without analyzing the truth. In this major article, the author Kalidasji (Real name is Anil Selarka) quashes every wrong impression piece by piece with great insightful mind. The author skillfully discusses the sources of black money, its origin, current locations and whether they can be extracted with any success. Howsoever Mr. Modi will be as person or as Prime Minister, he can not do anything unless his coffers are full. They can be filled only by extracting black money and tax derived therefrom. The Author also dashes the conception that most black money is stashed abroad with very logical arguments and convincing mathematical truth. This is such hot topic that it must be debated across the country and beyond. Please read this article, and if possible, pass on the link to your friends, economists, experts and members of your constituencies.

World Currency War – just started

The author of “Sub Prime Resolved” critically analyzes the stock market crash on Thursday and world wide crashing of stocks, global currencies, commodities and gold. This is a “Currency War” and an attack on Euro, European Union and Britain, he declares. He skillfully illustrates last 3 days events, how they were orchestrated and entire world markets were manipulated to attain US dollar supremacy. He proves the events with facts and figures, and also relates the event of Asian Crisis which were precisely timed and executed by the Americans. He compares Americans with Slumlord who will do anything, even sacrifice allies, to save dollar and maintain its supremacy. According to author, “United States is technically bankrupt”. Read more…

Falling from the Cliff – US and Global Markets

The Author discusses in this article the present status of economy and stock market. According to Author, the markets have reached the crescendo. The markets may stay stable or rise by another 400 to 600 points due to January effect, after which the calamitous collapse may begin. We are almost near to apocalypse. Serious meltdown is about to begin soon. Beware..

Gold $6400, Silver $80 – Why would they be at

The Author skilfully presents the reasons why Gold should to US$ 6400 and Silver $80 with full facts, figures and investigation. The Author claims that the United States has lost almost 90% of gold to banks, investment banks and hedge funds to help them short the gold to control the inflation numbers. This appear to have been done through Foreign Central Bankers to whom the gold is earmarked for having agreed to lend the gold from their inventory on behalf of Fed. The Author claims to have investigated such massive loss of gold in his highly read and reviewed book “Sub Prime Resolved” in which Chapter 14 titled”Where is Mackenna’s Gold” discloses for the first time how the gold was lost and how it was concealed successfully from the American tax payers and public. This is one of brilliant EXPOSE since the days of Watergate Scandal

Zero Coupon Bonds (Part 6 ) – Planning everything with Zero

In continuation of series – How to Invest into anything – this is in fact extension of previous article on Zero Coupon Bonds. The Author educates the investors how such instruments come to help in planning everything in their life – education of children, wedding, business, buying of property, retirements, and also division of family wealth in case of disputes Read more…

Zero Coupon Bonds – World’s Best Investment Product (Part 5 of New Series)

Anil Selarka (alias Kalidas) as part of his campaign series to educate the investors of various investment products, e,plains in layman’ terms the concept of Zero Coupon Bonds – considered by the author as Best Investment Product for individual investors. Zero becomes Hero, is what he says. He also says that while there are limited high yielding Zero CPN Bonds are available (such as South African Rand Zeros), a time is going to come within ne,t 18 months similar high yielding products in USD, GBP and EURO hitting the market as the financial crisis getting deeper and deeper (let those idiots in Washington and Fed say whatever they want). Wait for those opportunities when they arise in your countries.

This is part 5 of his New Series – How to Invest into Anything?. Part 2 of Zero coupon (Part 6 of overall series) will appear 3 days later. Read more…

Bonds,CDs and Bank Deposits build First Wealth..SR 04 of How to invest..

This is continuation of series “How to Invest into anything?” This part SR04 deals with relatively simpler products like Bank Deposits. However, the important part of this article is to teach the investors how to invest even into bank deposits. The author shows implications of many important process, and also explains in very simple terms what an Individual investor should do in such circumstances. He also explains how the Investor reduces his wealth by using plastic money, and how he can become prosperous by intelligent savings. The author also shows how to use Recurring Deposit to build real wealth with common sense planning. Meanwhile, please read more

Saving and Investing into Gold-Series 3-How to Invest into Anything?

This is continuation of previous article (Series 2) of How to Invest into anything? The previous article was preparatory whereas this issue deals with specifics. Often we see in the investment world is not true. This is why many predictions of experts and pundits go wrong. The art of investment is similar to “Art of War” where an Investor is a soldier. He has to deal with the situation as it comes. No planning helps,whereas some core understanding does guide the soldier, that is, an investor. This article is more directed at the individual investor who is relatively less equipped to deal with complex products such as ETF, futures, options, derivatives, leverages etc. The author’s emphasis is to let the investor make the most money through discipline and simple understanding. An individual does not have delve into complexities when he can as well make same or even better amount of money by following simple strategy. This is why Author reminded his father’s wisdom – “When one needs to use common sense, he should not waste his intelligence. It can be put to better use later on. Read more…..

US Economy – Coma, Colon & Full Stop

The present credit crisis is getting out of hand. President Obama has to do something very fast. His good oratory will certainly help people gain confidence but it can easily evaporate. Target specific actions are required. Merely trying to help the defunct banks is like throwing good money after bad money. It is time to preserve what is already in good condition and discard what is bad or worst. The author describes a game plan and step by step strategy to de freeze the credit and get the economy rolling again. It will work. The author who has written a book called “Sub Prime Resolved” is nearly ready and will be published soon. It contains complete step by step solution to entire range of crisis. It is in fact a “Bible of Economic Recovery of United states.