Scams, Scandals & Stock Markets – the ultimate buy opportunities.

The Author provides tools to investors how should they deal with seemingly bad news and convert them into solid money making opportunities. Scams and Scandals are the integral part of the super bull or bear markets where the temptations are more and real opportunities are less that create the fraudsters. While the Author has given the real life examples from Indian stock markets, the principles involved may be applied in all markets with difference only in degrees depending on the practices of respective stock exchange and their internal rules.

Allow Rupee to Rise

A brilliant expose of the Author on Indian Rupee which has been devalued for over 60 years without real tangible benefits. The author strongly argues the case for stronger rupee than persistent weak rupee followed by RBI (India’s central bank). The author says that India’s 80% of economic problems will be automatically solved if Indian Rupee is allowed to rise. Kalidas or Anil Selarka is known to provide most accurate solutions to economic problems. He also authored masterpiece “Sub Prime Resolved” that offers total solutions to the financial crisis.