Silver – Naked Shorts


Ref: 2011-04 of  March 24, 2011       Click for expanded PDF Download on ScribD

Silver catapulted to $ 38.20 before giant bankrupt banks who have shorted the metals too high for too long became aware of their own survival. They undertook giant short selling operation in last 45 minutes to bring down to 37.20 – still way above the level desired.

It was a day of ferocious trading. It was a day of nerves and nights will be no less relenting for those traders, authorities and managements who were fighting their battle for survival.

Following figures speak themselves. We do not want to comment. Let figures speak themselves.


And Lo0k at that!

Those 20 Minutes of hectic trading….


Anil Selarka (Kalidas)
Hong Kong,  Camp USA  24/3/2011
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