Osama Bin Laden – Is he Dead or Alive?

Ref: 2011-08 of May 4, 2011

A final curtain appeared to have been drawn on World’s most wanted fugitive – Osama Bin Laden who was found, caught and killed in midnight operation near Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, in one of the most guarded place with 8 feet to 18 feet tall walls flanked by barbed wire, with no phones, internet or human beings seen in or around, near the military residences. Considered to be one of the millionaire mansion without normal basic facilities.

In a place like Pakistan, and also India, almost everyone knows everyone in the street or grocery shops or even shops of tea vendors, this place did not attract any attention of bypassers. Most Pakistanis are inquisitives by nature and would like to know who lives next door and their activities. If they can not go inside, they send their servants with a plate of savories to develop acquaintances. But this place was different. Do not ask questions and mafia type “Code of Silence” was implemented.

As mysterious this place is, equally spooky events took place on 1st May, 2011 when the Unites States’ coveted special forces – Navy Seals – landed the compound in middle of moonless night and launched massive and coordianted assault carried out under the authority of their Commander -in-Chief Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America to find the most wanted person – Osama Bin Laden – who has been eluding arrest or even find like pin in the haystack for almost 9 years after 911 attack on the soil of America.
According to President Obama’s brief and flawless address to the nation, the chief architect and mastermind behind now infamous 911 attack which killed over 3000 people in one single stroke amid the smoky towers in New York, Osama Bin Laden was found, caught and killed in single swift operation without loss of any American life taking part in that covert operation.

It was stated that –

  • Osama Bin Laden was shot in the left eye on the third floor of Abbotabad mansion
  • there was not much of a resistance
  • a few women were found and care was taken not to harm women and children
  • a woman, supposed to be wife of Osama Bin Laden, was shot in the leg
  • an adult, suspected to be the son of the Osama Bin Laden was also killed
  • Some guards were killed.
  • United States had in possession Osama’s dead body and preliminary DNA confirmed that it was him.

Osama Bin Laden - Is he Dead or Alive? Full publicationIt was reported later that 3 guards were killed, Osama Bin Laden was unarmed and yet was killed with a shot in his head, and pictures were shown which showed contrary to claim of no resistance that the beds and the room was ransacked spluttered with the blood.


Within hours of the raid and release of the news, the so called body of the Osama was buried in the sea according to Islamic tradition within hours of his death or any kind of post mortem analysis typical of such accidental or encountered death.


It was also reported that the President had received the first briefing of his adversary’s locale as early as in August 2010, almost 9 months back. This tip was later religiously and meticulously followed before decision was made to attack the fugitive.


The questions  that arise now are:

  1. If OBL was unarmed, why was he not arrested for interrogation into the total set up of his Al Quaida organization which has become a menace? His live arrest would have furnished vital information of key figures of the organization who are still at large and whose files are still alive in FBI.
  2. Why was he killed instead that endangers the national security in the acts of revenge in future?
  3. Which dedicated officer shot him to death? Why that hero’s name is not mentioned nor even his picture released to the American people?
  4. Why the picture of slain leader was not released to the Press in confirmation of his certain death?
  5. Why such pictures are not released even now when he is reportedly buried in the sea?
  6. Was he buried under the “seabed” or just thrown into the “open sea” to rot himself out in a few following days?
  7. Why the exact location of his burial is still not shown with full geometrical co-ordinates so that people at large are finally convinced that he is certainly dead and will not walk back into the Ground Zero again?
  8. What was the reason for burying him so quick in less than few hours after his death without following normal post-death procedures such as Post Mortem and DNA analysis?
  9. Why his body was not handed over to his family members who are very much alive when they have all legal and moral rights to the deceased body under the Islamic law, Laws of Pakistan and also the Laws of the United States under which the deceased of the condemned person is released to his family members after confirmed death?

There were also reports that the Osama Bin Laden was not killed by NAVY SEALS bullet but the bullet of his Guard (who also died) to carry out the last wishes of their boss to kill him before he could be arrested by the US forces.

Contrary to earlier reports, two bullets were fired on “unarmed” Osama Bin Laden, one into his left eye and other in the head. If that was so, what does the Post Mortem says – were they fired from same gun of the navy seal or one fired by the guard and other by the Navy Seal to make it believe that they shot him? Also, Post Mortem report would also show which bullet killed the Osama, the first one that shot through his eye or head , OR other bullet that shot through head or the eye?

When the Navy Seal soldiers who are very sharp shooters, could shot a woman in the leg, they could have paralyzed even Osama by shooting him into his leg or lower portion of his body and then arrested him live for full interrogation later in United States to find out the full details of his Al Quaida organization, its principal, secondary and tertiary branches, its leadership table, and who has been funding their organization for all these years?

According to International Law or Law of the United States or Pakistan where the death took place and therefore subject to their jurisdiction, a person is not considered dead unless and until his body is found, sent to post mortem, its post death identification by the family members or next to kin, and then allowed to be buried according to their family or religious belief or orientation.

It is pretty obvious that if the person was dead, and body handed over to mourners, Osama would have been turned into “martyr” than a “mass murderer”.

It is therefore most likely that Osama Bin Laden is NOT dead but still alive and transferred to some secret locale of CIA/FBI in United States. He is being investigated, kicked and abused in manner similar to or even worse than human rights recognized by all countries, including United States.

Yes, Osama did not deserve all the liberties usually reserved for the normal citizens or human beings. He was extra-ordinary similar to Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin. Even then, the President need to inform the American people the truth of entire episode with a promise to disclose later, if not now.

Otherwise, it is inconceivable that after nearly 9 months of planning, the Commander in Chief – President Barack Obama – killed the fugitive in 9 minutes, after 9 years, and buried in less than 9 hours at 9 fathoms deep in the sea without any fanfare or record.

As such, the Osama Bin Laden is legally and morally alive in terms of international law, and may be he is not kicking but being kicked around in some place in United States to ferret out the truth which is waiting to be disclosed after 9 years of massive search that cost over $ 1 trillion to the United States and Allied forces.

Whether he is dead or alive, the truth of the matter is that “Osama Bin Laden” has been totally incapacitated to carry out further terrorist attacks on innocent lives all around the world, which is an event of bliss, joy and happiness through out the mankind.

No regrets Mr. President, whether you disclose the truth or not, now or later, it is enough that Osama is no longer a threat. Your word is enough.

Anil Selarka (Kalidas)
May 4, 2011, United States

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