About the Author – Anil Selarka (Kalidas)

AnilFL-PSAnil Selarka (screen name Kalidas for his blog) is a well qualified finance professional. He is highly qualified with a degree in Science, Law, Banking and Cost Accountancy. He was an International banker for 19 years followed by 17 years stint as stockbroker specializing in US Stocks, Bonds and Economy, Hong Kong and Indian stocks; as a Convertible Bonds specialist & a Fixed Income Bond trader; and as a problem solver for every kind of difficult financial situation.

An expert in reading US economy and world economic scene for over 21 years, he has seen through the crashes of 1987, Asian Monetary Crisis and subsequent crashes specific to Hong Kong and to major world markets in general.

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He has written a highly researched and scholastic book called “Sub Prime Resolved “that offers complete solution to the current economic crisis.  It addresses almost all major issues that are being hotly debated in business media such as CNBC or Bloomberg.  There is no book in the world at the moment that comes anywhere close to the solutions outlined in this book.

The book is rightly called “The Bible for Complete Economic Recovery of the United States of America” published in June, 2009. The author’s solutions do not involve any expense but create almost $1 trillion income in short time and further $2.4 trillions in next 3 years. This is highly imaginative solution that eludes almost all. He also introduces “Dynamic Theory of Taxation” under which taxes reduce dynamically for efficiency.

He has extra ordinary sense, almost sixth sense, to anticipate the major economic events months or years in advance. He also has special ability to judge the potential effects of any major events almost instantaneously.

An extremely analytical and logical, he has track record of being proved right on spot over 90% in last 15 years. Read the comments of thousands of readers in his blog under the section “Confused Minds, Clear Answers”. The blog has drawn 250,000 hits and over 5000 comments in last 10 months from the well informed readers who are mostly experienced investors.

The author has also invented a special theory on numbers, known as Mystical Numbers, that apply incredibly to every market with great accuracy – be they are stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, properties, retail stores,  fish or vegetable markets, and in every form of business or personal life. He is currently writing a book on this subject that may be published later this year.

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