Sub Prime Resolved – Book – Special XMas offer for Repeat Customers

SBP-Xmas OfferDear Readers,

I am pleased to offer specially discounted price of the above book for 2 weeks of December only to Repeat Buyers only. May desired to buy more books to give away as gift to their parents, children, colleagues and bosses out of desire to give away something really useful and meaningful in life.

SBP BookSale_XmasThis offer is open to “Repeat Buyers” only.

For Non –India based customers:

Normal Price             = US$ 59.95 + S&H $ 6.00 = $ 65.95

Discounted Price = US$ 39.95 + S&H $ 6.00 = $ 45.95

Payment Mode: DO NOT click the sidebar book image and pay. It is for regular priced book sale only. Instead, you can pay either of the following:

Though Pay Pal or Credit Card by EMAIL

  1. Log on to Pay Pal
  2. Choose personal and category – Other
  3. Follow the instructions..
  4. You can pay through your debit/credit card.

Payment through Hong Kong

If you are a Hong Kong resident or have relative or friend living in Hong Kong

  1. Pay by Cheque in HK$ 360.00 in Hong Kong dollar (Normal Price HK$ 465.00)

fvg. Galaxy International Ltd.

4F, 3 Wood Road, Wanchai

MHPO Box 47478

Hong Kong

  1. Payment by Account  transfer in HK$ or US$ to our HSBC Account.  We will furnish account details on request. Send email to or

Payment through India

  1. You will need to pay Rs 2,125.00  (Original cost Rs 3050.00)
  2. Pay through our HDFC account. You probably have account details or write to us to the following email address:

Post Payment follow up:

  1. After making payment, send us delivery address details where the book should be sent.
  2. If you need signed autograph, send us the name of the favorite person.
  3. Advise us in whose name original purchase was made. Date of payment preferred but not essential. We have data of past buyers.

For New Buyers to take advantage of present offer:

  1. Buy first book by clicking side bar book image and pay US$ 65.95 (inclusive shipping)
  2. Place the order for extra copy following any of above procedure.
  3. All Books could be sent together.

That’s it. Thanks for your patronage.

Anil Selarka, Author

4F, 3 Wood Road


Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2573 2604 or Mobile: 9100 2754 (852 is Hong Kong code; No area code)

Date: 30-11-2009 (2009.11.30)

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