Confused Mind, Clear Answers (09-11)

Ref: 09-11 (Nov 2009) of 1st Nov, 2009

Protocol to Observe before you post

I am starting today “2009,  November series”. The Oct 2009 series will be archived and made available from Download center later. It will take about 10 days. Until use them from side bar – DO NOT POST ANY QUERIES THERE – It will not be answered. Until such time, you can have access to it from the side bar. All new queries from 1 Nov 2009 should be posted here only.

All inquiries that were not related to the concerned article may be posted here. Please follow the norms/protocol as under:

  1. Post maximum 3 questions at a time. Number them serially. Do not write in essay form.
  2. Do not send me entire portfolio. It is impossible for me to answer everyone on 12 to 15 stocks. Each stock takes about 5 to 10 minutes. The reader is well advised to use the tools provided under Rebalancing Portfolio article and use it effectively.
  3. Do not write by impulse. Think before you write.
  4. Have your write up spell checked first and then transfer to the Comment section, using cut and paste. Use excellent freeware editor like Jarte 3.3 (Download link ) or your notepad.
  5. Do not leave too many blank lines near or after the end.
  6. Write your signature, City, Country in single line at the end of the comment. This helps me identify the reader.
  7. While seeking opinion on any stock or investment product, please give the (1) stock name (2) symbol (3) Quantity (4) Cost and (5) CMP or Current Market Value. Without these details no reply will be answered or acknowledged. Such query may also be deleted to save the space.
  8. Avoid compliments and terms like Thanks, Sorry, Regret, Regards, accolades, unnecessary adjectives or adverbs. Write in simple plain English to the point.
  9. Post your questions for the current month. It will be closed on last day. I will answer below each question for easy reference.
  10. Not that every question will be answered. If anything is replied or commented on earlier, it will not be replied to avoid duplication.
  11. At month end, I will consolidate into html or PDF file for say, 09-06 for June and post it on download center for download. The link will be displayed. Since the comments are over 200 per month and growing, only month wise consolidation will be made.
  12. Personal Queries: Kindly send your personal queries to Please do not pose such queries over here. The Author may take some time in responding such queries, but will certainly answer. However, it may please be noted that the Author is not an expert in every field. His personal opinion or advice to you may please be considered with caution and taking second opinion from others.

Thanks for your cooperation. Start posting your comments from now on (1-Nov-2009)

Please note that new book (Sub Prime  Resolved”) related inquiries or comments should be made in respective section and not under this column. Now that new website is opened for the book – called , please post your book related queries over there.

This column is exclusively devoted to the questions from the readers relating to their investments or other guidance. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Anil Selarka (Kalidas),
Hong Kong. 1st Nov, 2009

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