Confused Mind Clear Answers 4Q (2012 10 to 12)


Ref: CMCA – 2012-10 to 12 of 1st Oct, 2012

Basic Requirements to Post Queries and Stocks Inquiries.
I am starting today “2012, Oct to Dec series”. Post your Oct onwards comments here using comment box at the bottom or add comment on the top. This I am going to implement strictly in future. Use the Readers Corner to make any suggestions for any stock to be covered by us in future.
The readers may note another important protocol. Please post your comments in the following format: THESE ARE  MUST REQUIREMENTS.

HEADING – Write in Capital letters, Country, name of the stock enquired about or title of major issue as per reader’s choice. Do not extend beyond one line. write in this fashion: Do not use < or > tag which is used in HTML format.
Instead, just separate the items by “,” or comma.
Country or Global , Stocks or Commodity, Stock or commodity name, Reg: Subject.
Make it Bold using built in word processor (after selection of text, press “B” from the menu within the comment box)
  • India, Stocks, Reliance Industries Ltd., Reg: Sustainable Target
  • Global, Precious Metals, Gold or Silver, Reg: Are they still good to buy?
  • US, Economy, Reg: Housing Recovery
  • Global, Currencies, Aussie Dollar, Reg: when to sell?
  • India, Bonds, IFCI Infrastructure Bonds, Reg: IPO – Is it good to subscribe?
  • India, Stocks, Ashtavinayak, Reg: Trapped. Need Solution
  • HK, Stocks, PetroChina (Symbol), Reg: About right issue


  1. Write your query or specific question very clearly.
  2. If you are trapped in certain stocks, indicate Quantity, Cost and CMP (Current Market Price). Without these details, no answer will be posted. Unless I know the Cost/Purchase price of any stock, quantity and Current Market Price, it will be impossible for me to post meaningful reply.
  3. Do not seek any opinion on unknown stocks. This column is not meant for new recommendations.
  4. Do not use compliments for my predictions or assessments. Yes, you can criticize.
  5. Write each issue in one Para. Do not go beyond 4 paragraphs. Each para not to exceed 3 lines.
  6. Write to the point, do not be apologetic for anything nor bother about what I would feel about your post, just speak out your confused mind or confusion in simple narration style.
  7. Do not discuss personal problem in these columns as far as possible
  8. Use your normal word processor, to write your comments first, think over it, have it spell checked with proper capitalization, and then only post it. Avoid posting by cell phone as far as possible.
  9. Make a standard format or template using the present protocol, so that you do not forget anything like your name, city etc.
  10. Do not bother about junk or abusive comment post by Spammers who may get into this section inadvertently. Your good intentional comment post in support of this column will be deleted immediately to save the space and also save the time of other readers. We do not want readers to distract the readers and give the attention to spammers who really want to get noticed.
  11. Please note that by submitting your comment post, you automatically undertake not to post abusive or indecent comments. The author will take severe civil, criminal and appropriate Police actions against the offenders and we will send all such mails with our official complaint to the concerned Commissioner of Police/Sheriff of respective state, and also to Cyber Crime Cell of FBI, CBI, Concerned ISP service provider (we may move even for cancellation of their license) and other organizations who black list such spammers and their ISP Service providers.
  12. If any spammers does not use his own real name or provide wrong email address to avoid detection , uses the real name of other readers, their email addresses, proxy IP addresses  or misrepresents, appropriate police complaint will be filed for the criminal charge of defamation, impersonation, fraud and misrepresentation which is punishable under the law with jail sentence ranging from 6 months to 3 years.
  13. At the END OF MESSAGE 
    1. Write Real Name, City, Country, Date of Post, All in one line. If you are visiting abroad or out of station from where the comments is posted, please specify the name of the city as “Camp: <City>, <Country> instead of your original city and country. This is to ensure that non matching of IP addressd
    2. In order to avoid spam posts, please use your real email address which should bear resemblance to your real name. If the email differs materially from real name as posted as signature, the said post will be treated as “Spam” and will be removed immediately without any notice. If the reader has posted any comments but not appearing in this column, it may be due to reasons already mentioned above.
  14. Formatting your posts in above manner will make entire post pleasant, eye catching, and highlight the stocks or subject in such a way that other readers can scroll through easily to find what they want even from your message.
It is a fee based solution. Send your portfolio with your problems and expectation. Send it over to
This column is free for about 2 months after which it will be “subscription based” from 1st April, 2011. Prior announcement will be made however.

Some readers refer to me personal problems relating to their life. I suggest them not to post them over her. Instead, send me an email to
DISCLAIMER: The Author uses his vast experience of about 42 years in finance especially in bank, stock markets, bond trading, currencies, precious metals etc. He is retired and does not have allegiance to any brokerage firm,.bank, investment bank or any other professional or listed company. However, he expressly disclaims any liability for any loss, damage suffered by any reader of this blog by following any opinion or advice given by the author in good faith and without negligence. This is a free service, and should be used it at Reader’s risk and responsibility.No liability – Civil, Criminal or Tort – shall attach to the Author.

Kalidas (Anil Selarka)
India, 1st October, 2012


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