Health I care, Wealth I don’t – Obama

Health I Care

Ref: DDD-09-002 of 9 Dec, 2009 by Anil Selarka (Kalidas)

Politicians have penchant for inventing slogans. Almost every political leader picks up some “key words” while reading newspapers on a toilet seat. What words are popular that is repeated number of times? They short-list them, call up their think tanks, discuss with political strategists, discuss the content with the cabinet or concerned secretary, roll up the scheme running into hundreds or thousands of pages which no one can understand, and finally summon Media Communication director to announce the high flying scheme with great fan fare.

When economic malaise was eating up the country, jobs were lost with the speed of Typhoon 5, banks were failing in hordes, President Obama wondered. Fine, when they people gets unemployed, what do they do? Nothing. They feel depressed, drink “bud” beers and fall sick or at least feel sick.

He also wondered if he can not create jobs or wealth, why not provide something that bothers the unemployed Americans? Oh yes, if it is not “Wealth”, let us consider “Health”. If he can not make the people rich or wealthy again, why not make sick and obese Americans conscious of health. Everyone wants to live after all. Thus was borne the concept of “Health Care”.

Ever since he assumed Presidency, Obama has been showing moon to Americans. He shows them something “Abstract” which can not be touched, felt or smelled. Let us analyze his antics:

  1. GREEN CARS: He became champion of environments. He tried to impose rules to make energy efficient cars in few years when he is not around. He started exhorting CEOs of trio – General Motors, Ford and Chryslers to make the new modern energy efficient cars when they were already in dire straits. Their immediate problem was to sell existing cars in inventory and those in the assembly lines. That was the immediate priority. But Obama, true to his name Barack or Barrack, started pushing CEOs of American Trio auto manufacturers to invent something new that could be “Green” which could be sold by the Black President in ultra White House. Hey, Obama, those “Green” cars could wait. Better engage yourself on their existing inventory and assembly line so that present day Americans could retain their jobs and feed their families. But he was “downright” dumb. He would not listen to anyone but himself.
  2. “CLIMATE CHANGE” was another theme he tried to marshal. He went on lecturing about climate change, how could it be achieved and what would otherwise cost the humanity. He forgot Americans, and started talking about humanity. He wanted less “carbon emission” – again borne out of coal fired Electricity plants and gas fuelled cars. He wanted the cars to run on electricity, but he forgot that the electricity is borne out of gas or coals at the first place. How could he have “green cars” without polluting atmosphere with fumes and smokes from the gas/oil/coal fired power plants?
  3. “HEALTH CARE” was another abstract subject. He was concerned about rising Health care cost in non inflationary America. How come? He did not know. If there is no inflation as Rubin, Greenspan, Paulson and practically every Treasury and Fed officials were trumpeting about, why the health care costs rose 300% to 400% in benign inflation oriented America? He never analyzed this anti-thesis. He wanted to give poor Americans better health by taxing the healthy Americans. He wanted to cover practically every American to subscribe to Health Insurance so that premium paid by the healthy Americans can be used to pay for the sick Americans.
    1. He went a step further. He would spend trillions of dollars to make the healthy Americans sick and unhealthy Americans healthy. A true socialist approach from Lenin era. Fidel Castro in Cuba, Putin in Russia and Hu Jin Tao in China must be laughing in the corner.
    2. And almost all Americans got hooked into such silly campaign. GOP or Democrats found new weapon to destroy the Americans of their confidence into their own remarkable country and themselves. It was an easy whip, not verifiable, extremely abstract, and yet immensely popular to get more votes, notwithstanding losing trillions of dollars in the junkyard of the Federal Reserve.
    3. Obama knew one lesson that Americans are just emotional and stupid. If you do not make them fools when they are, you would be fooling yourself. Take advantage of others’ stupidity – that is what called smartness. This is the theory of “survival of the fittest”.
  1. TAXING REACH (or making them poorer) was another pastime approach adopted by the President Obama. He became a hound dog. He is not creative (does not want to create anything) but distributive. He wants to transfer whatever from one point to another. He is taxing healthy Americans – make them pay compulsory insurance – and enriching the sickly Yankees who can not pay the insurance. While he was pondering over American banks, someone whispered into his ears about UBS who happen to be enticing tax dodging Americans.
    1. Summon IRS, UBS CEO and force them disclose the names of American tax dodgers. He did not analyze why the rich Americans wanted to go off shore to save taxes. There are 52,000 American individuals or corporations who have gone off shore to save taxes. Nab them by the neck and bring them over here. He would recover at the most a couple of hundred millions or billions at the most by way of recovery of dodged taxes. He forgot that among losses everywhere, these 52000 Americans were profitable or making money. He never wanted to learn how could they be profitable when their big brothers were the heaviest losers? None of my business, he would say.
    2. At the same time, he gave away over $1.3 trillions to various banks, auto makers and brokerage firms, which were nearly 1500 times larger than the tax he would have recovered from those tax dodgers.
    3. In short, he was trying to milk the profitable and efficient Americans and donating trillions of dollars to heaviest losers – Banks, Brokers and Insurers. Earning a few billions from efficient Americans and dissipating trillions of dollars to lousy American corporations who brought about the deepest recession in memory.

In short, President Obama is destroying America with slow and sure poison with no antidotes.

Americans think that he is doing them heath care, little realizing that this President is taking away whatever wealth is left with them.

Dumb Obama, Deaf the Media and Duffer the American people.



Anil Selarka (Kalidas)
Hong Kong, Ref: 09-DDD-002 of 09.Dec.2009

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