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Ref: 10-PC-001 of 16th January, 2010

Dear Reader,

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I have been getting lot of requests for the portfolio restructuring or solution. It is very time consuming process. My article of “Restructuring of Portfolio” along with Excel spread sheet is self tutored exercise. However, the reader reports that it does not help them about the stocks in question for the reason that they have bought it either on impulse or on advice from tipsters, reading newspapers, watching business channels or simply hearing from some friends.

I have therefore decided to offer paid services for portfolio solution. It could be existing troubled portfolio requiring restructuring or simply a newly structured portfolio based on reader’s needs. It is not limited to a particular country or stock. It also includes bonds, bank deposits, postal savings, properties and precious metals. It is a global solution. It could also involve family advice, division or business. The portfolio includes any kind of assets, business or family matters. (I get many calls asking me to help the readers solve their personal family problems or business troubles,)

Please note that this is purely a friendly advice – not fully functional professional advice you may get from your Investment adviser, bank, broker, lawyer or Social Counselor. Use this simple yet exhaustive advice as preliminary advice and then seek the opinion of your brokers or professional adviser. My approach is Macro, based on common sense, not drilled down to micro level or every data a company may have published or details provided by you. There will be no technical analysis. In short, it is a simple heart to heart solution rarely found anywhere.

Many readers have exhorted this Author to start fee based services. However, overall services still remain free. This paid service comes into play when one wants to narrow down to specifics.

It takes lot of time to analyze each product; many of them may not be on my watch list. On an average, it takes about 45 minutes for each unknown stocks or product to analyze. This paid service just pays for my enormous time that I devote to your portfolio at your specific request. This is made to order solution.

Following is the broad structure of this paid service. Use the following structure as basic guide. Specific structure will differ depending on the needs of the reader.

Restructuring of Portfolio:

The reader will be charged

  1. @US$ 6.35 or Rs 300 per existing stock or bond or any product.
    1. subject to minimum charge of US$ 6.85 (Rs 330) and US$ 125(Rs 6,000) maximum per portfolio and
    2. Subject to not more than 20 items in the restructured list.
    3. The readers are requested to restructure portfolio based on Author’s article “Rebalancing of Portfolio in depressed market” and bring down the initial stock list to less than 20 so that their service cost is kept at minimum.

Structuring of New Portfolio (Amount left to the Reader)

The reader will be charged

  1. @ US$ 5.35 or Rs 250 per stock or investment product.
    1. Subject to minimum $5.85 (Rs 280.00) and maximum $ 125 (Rs 6,000) per portfolio
    2. Subject to not more than 25 items in the final list.
    3. Each additional item beyond 25 may be chargeable @ US$ 5.35 (Rs 250) per item on top of maximum amount of US$ 125 per portfolio

Discount to Readers unable to afford:

This blog is read even by youngsters who have limited budget. If a person find difficult to pay the above cost due to his limited resources, he will be offered discount or given option to pay any amount he likes for using Authors time. He has to just inform the Author by email that “he is unable to afford the quoted charges” – that’s all. No questions are asked. We believe our readers – 100%. They will have second priority in reply for obvious reasons.

How to approach the Author for Portfolio Counseling:

For restructuring portfolio – use the Excel Sheet – Worksheet1. Send it as Excel enclosure to your email addressed to readers.kalidas@gmail.com with subject line – Portfolio Advice – Old/New Portfolio A/c (Your name). For other personal advices: Write an email enclosing Word/WordPerfect/RTF document. Do not write much on the email body except using it as cover letter. Let the document speak for itself.

How to Pay?

Pay preferably by PAY PAL in US$. We will allow local payment only in exceptional cases. Please note that you are paying for importing our services into your destination countries. No taxes are payable therefore, such as VAT or professional taxes at the destination country.


It is clearly understood and agreed to by the reader before he proceeds in the matter as above:

  1. There is no guarantee that the solution or advice offered will work in all cases or to the extent expected by the reader or the Author.
  2. The Authors advice will be based solely on the representation made by the reader with regard to his experience in investment, his risk taking capabilities, and resources available at his command. It is also agreed that the reader will not leverage, overextend or gamble on any of the finance product mentioned or referred to the Author at his sole discretion.
  3. The reader may or may not use the finance products suggested by the Author at his (readers) discretion. He will consult his professional adviser, CPA, Accountants or Lawyer as the case may be for second opinion before implementing or acting on the preliminary consultation received from the Author.
  4. The Author shall not be subject to any claim, damages, liability of any kind, be they under the existing law of the concerned jurisdiction or under Tort.
  5. The reader shall not disclose or use the name of the Author at any time at any place or in any forum for such advice even if it is in favor of the Author.
  6. The reader shall indemnify the Author against any claim or action from any source, if he violates the agreement and discloses the Author’s name as mentioned under Clause (3)
  7. The entire services as above shall be subject to specified jurisdiction in the final contract document.

Thanks for your attention

Kalidas (Anil Selarka)
16th January, 2010

Personal Blog: http://anilselarka.com
Book Web : http://www.subprimeresolved.com

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