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Ref: 1Q2011 (Jan-March 2011)

I am pleased to start the new column Readers Corner from today. In our popular column Confused Mind Clear Answers, which is now transferred to our new home, the readers used to ask questions about some new stocks which were not on this Author’s buying list.

The purpose of CMCA was exculsively to help the readers who were trapped in market melt down or correction and help them not only recover the original investment but to make decent money by restructuring the portfolio.

However, this left a void in communication with the readers. I found that often some readers found some stocks worth looking at. It is impossible for this Author to follow almost 6000 stocks. It was felt that the readers may be given a separate platform where they can offer us new stocks suggestions and seek our second opinion after presenting their own brief study howsoever simple it may be.  In such cases, we do not have to do the pioneering work.

Some readers also have some novel idea and suggestion that can make this blog highly interactive and helpful to entire Readers community.

In this column therefore Readers could assemble virtually and present their views in following format to make it uniform practice:

New Stocks Recommendations:
If the reader comes across very interesting situation, he can as well share with us and other readers.
However, the presenting reader should corroborate the reasons why does he think the stock to be suitable investment worth looking at. It will not be possible for us to comment on any stock named by the reader without any authentication. I normally follow large companies having at least Rs 500 crore turnover just to filer out highly hyped situations from other brokers or tipsters.

The reader may present their views and suggestions to make this blog highly informative and useful to average investors.

This column will not be interactive. I will not reply to Readers enquiries, but to take cognizance of them and then write separate article or short notes instead of replying various readers on same issue again and again. This will avoid repetitive questions flooding our popular CMCA column.


  1. Title your message. Write in first line the (Country) (Market/Stock/Commodity) and (Subject) It should not exceed one line. This will make uniform submission and help other readers to follow the subject.
  2. If Readers are recommending stocks, they should write the name of the stock, stock symbol, Current Market Price (CMP) and reasons in brief (using numbered bullet 1,2,3 4 etc). Where it is unavoidable, they can use essay type of narration.
  3. Do not write your suggestions in other articles or comments. Bring them all over here. This will become as central repository of all suggestions. Other suggestion column under Author heading will be withdrawn and closed down.
  4. In last line, the reader should append his signature: (see my own signature at the end)
  5. First Line: (1) name
    Second Line: (2) City (3) State and (3) country
    Last line:  (4) Date
  6. Avoid all complimentary like thanks, regards etc which take up unnecessary space. Make your comments businesslike and truly professional. No adjectives or superlatives. Just to the point.
I may not reply to Readers Comments or suggestions individually but will make a mental note to prepare the Article of mass interest if I have that capability on that subject.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Anil Selarka, Author
Aliso Viejo, California, USA.
12 January, 2011

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