Stock Observatory – 2012 (Index Page)


Dear Readers,

I am pleased to re-start the stock observatory from January 2012.  This is the main index page for 2012. Each section will cover the period of 3 months, that is, stock observatory will be published in 3 volumes – each volume will cover one quarter.  There will be therefore Four Volumes – 1Q 2012 (Jan-Mar), 2Q 2012 (April-June), 3Q 2012 (July-Sept) and 4Q 2012 (Oct-Dec).

Following is the link to each quarter.

Please note the following:

  • Although comments are permitted, the Author may not reply. This is not “Interactive Column” like Confused Mind Clear Answers (CMCA)
  • The author will review comments nevertheless, and any further concern or point of interest will be considered and they may be reflected in future submissions.
  • Often, HTML format does not suit all the time. This is why we intend to publish PDF version at the end of each quarter. There may be some nominal charge.  This section otherwise is free for all readers.
  • Please note that observations made in this column is derived from various sources considered reliable, but there is no guarantee of any kind that they will be true. We are not detectives after all.
  • Each quarter’s link will be mentioned below. Please click them to go to the desired quarter.

Thanks for your attention. Enjoy my column and wish you all the best.

Kalidas, 3rd January, 2012

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