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Following stock picks are meant for general guidance of investors. They are based on the circumstances prevailing on the date of issue. This is what I would do if I were you at this point of time.

Be careful while using them after 2 months – things may change. There is no guarantee that it will work for every reader or investor. Use it according to your temperament, understanding, risk taking ability and experience. This is normally meant for Cash investors, not for those who want to buy or sell on leveraged basis. It will be numbered serially as 08-0nn where 08 is the calendar year followed by serial number. Latest post will figure on the top. The readers may post their comments. They may not be answered by the Author unless he finds compelling reasons to do so.
The stocks are listed under this category. Each stock is provided with the ID. The Reference number is mentioned as 08mm-0nn followed by the Stock title and date pof publication, where 08 refers to the year (2008), mm for month (11= November, 12= December etc), followed by the stock name and date of publication.
This is broad section. Under this section, you will find stock recommendations serially numbered as above.
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