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This blog is all about financial services, most of it is free. You are now aware of the writing skill of Kalidas. You have also seen his book “Sub Prime Resolved”, its remarkable style, excellent presentation, and above all, punch lines everywhere which strike with laser guided precision.

We are therefore presenting here some of our commercial services. Not everyone can write well, even if he knows better than others. This is where our skill comes in.  Our writing skill can fuse into your business to make it perform better than ever before. Try us once. Our hard hitting punch lines and convincing presentation style can sell your products better than ever before.

Here are some of our services that take the best advantage of our writing skill. We can write for you, or so to say, we can be your “Ghost Writer”. A “Ghost” always knows better than the humans.  Give us a try – you will not be disappointed, we promise.

Other Non – Investment Services

Specific Advice on any item/document etc

  1. REVIEW OF EXISTING DOCUMENT: for reading, inspecting, commenting on any paper or electronic document (not exceeding 50 pages) and also suggesting modification. Fees payable @ US$ 49.95 per subject matter or document.
  2. PREPARING NEW DOCUMENT: for preparing any new business / document / application /agreement/contract for any purpose; Fees to depend on each case.  (Minimum $29.95 Maximum $ 179.95)
  3. PREPARING RESUME: for preparing beautiful Resume with or without multimedia not exceeding 2 pages. Video Resume could also be included. The Resume will be prepared with cover letter in format acceptable to Head Hunters, Employment Agencies, and Recruitment Agencies etc.  Unlimited revisions. The charges will be as under:
    1. $19.95 for normal Resume not exceeding 2 pages without cover letter. It should be sufficient. Extra pages @ $2.95 per page
    2. $ 24.95 for normal resume as above + cover letter. (International companies or Recruiter need cover letter. It depends on practices in individual entries)
    3. $ 59.95 for multi-media Resume where the applicant can attach Audio or Video file.

We will write the text with emphasis, pause, pitch and tone required so that the Applicant can speak before Microphone or Video/Web camera. Up to 3 video can be enclosed to highlight Applicant’s special abilities or achievement.

    1. If the applicant is first time job hunter or presently unemployed, special discount will be given to suit his budget. This is applicable to item (a) and (b)

Marketing /Advertising Proposals for Business:

The readers are well aware of this Author’s writing and presentation skills. The Author makes this skill available to the readers who are established businessmen, manufacturing or trading companies.

  • If they wish to promote their new products, the Author can make highly precise, simple, punchy and sales oriented email not exceeding 2 pages with very small file. (< 100K).
  • Your customer will get to know entire product by having look at the first screen.
    • 90% of readers do not go beyond first page when they receive product promotion letters or email.
    • Author’s presentation will grab the attention of the recipient on the first screen itself. His curiosity will be aroused to go through the entire email.
    • Such email can be enhanced by Audio or Video presentation without increasing email size.
  • The services are very reasonably priced – just US$60 per product. Audio/Video presentation will be charged extra, but they are not necessary in introductory email. They can be added while responding to reply email from the prospect.
  • If you can reach 1000 new prospects, it will cost just 6 cents per prospect. If you can convert 0.5% of your prospects into new customers, it can increase your sales revenue significantly. Look at the future revenue, not the tiny little cost of $60.

Preparing Credit Application for any bank or financial institution for the readers Business

The Author is an expert in preparing Credit Proposal. He has 19 years of hand on experience in banking. He also has 17 years of frontline experience in stocks, bonds, fixed income instruments and variety of investment instruments. Following services are offered with broad terms.

  1. for preparing Credit Application before any bank or financial institution for any business in such a way that the reader gets not only the appropriate banking facilities at low cost but gets the funding in rotational way in perfect sync with his working capital cycle. This will be a total consultancy package.The services are rendered until the completion of application process with no extras. It also includes all printing and normal mailing expenses. Exceptional brand courier expenses are charged extra on actual basis. The fees are based as under:
    1. @1.5% of the fund based application and 0.25% for non fund based application.

i.      0.50% at the time of contract signing.
ii.      0.50% when the Credit Application is ready for submission.
iii.      0.50% when favorable decision is received from bankers.

The buyer pays on actual credit limits sanctioned less advance already paid. Any difference in payment is adjustable both ways. If the credit limits are rejected, the buyer pays only certain fixed amount plus expenses as mentioned in the contract, not on % basis. Any excess amount paid will be refunded to the buyer.

    1. Subject to minimum $ 2000 in all cases.
    2. Subject to additional out of pocket expense if the Author’s physical presence is required at the financing bank or institution.

How to Approach us?

Easy. Send us an email with subject line stating the purpose.  We will get back to you with solid proposal you will find hard to refuse.


Kalidas (Anil Selarka)

Hong Kong, 6th January, 2010

Blog:               http://anilselarka.com

Book Web:     http://www.subprimeresolved.com

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