Deeds Always Boomerang – Noble Americans

Ref: 10-002 of 16 January, 2010 by Kalidas

Hindus, often labeled superstitious, are one of the oldest civilizations of mankind. The prosperity that you see or saw in America were once upon a time a symbol of India. Columbus in search of finding a route to India, made one of the finest mistakes any human would have made when he discovered America instead.

One of the oldest Hindu theory is the “Theory of Karma” which may be summarized in one sentence that ” A human always get rewarded for his deeds during one’s existence”. The word “existence” includes past, present and future life. The westerners berate Hindus as superstitious saying who has seen the future life anyway?

Who knows what happens after the death? They need forensic evidence. They believe in all cycles – day & night, three seasons, hurricanes, stocks commodity and currency markets. However,they would never believe in the “Cycle of Life” that the ancient civilizations believed. It is the single most puzzling question that entire mankind is unable to answer in spite of all modernity of science.

In nutshell, the present fruits are the outcome of the past deeds, what we call “fate or luck”. If the outcome is bad, we call it “Fate” and if it is good, we rename it “Luck”. Same thing expressed just different way.

If we dissert this theory a bit further, it would mean that

  • Your present form of life is the outcome of your past deeds.
  • Good deeds never go un-rewarded.
  • Bad deeds never go unpunished.
  • Your future life (in present birth or next birth) will be the consequence of your present deeds

Coming to Americans, their status of prosperity in immediate past was the outcome of their good deeds during World War II when it saved the humanity from the clutches of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Japanese.

The success went into their heads – and they started suffering for their bad deeds in Vietnam, Korea peninsula, Cambodia, Iraq and now Afghanistan. “The deeds always boomerang” is the essence of the theory of Karma.

At the same time, the Americans themselves, not their political leaders, are “Noble Souls”. A few centuries ago, India was the donor of knowledge through its coveted educational Institution of “Nalanda”. Today, America has turned out to be the biggest donor of knowledge in the form of variety of educational institutions in practically every field.

Americans are also the biggest donors, and the kind of people who rush to the help of anyone regardless of political affiliation in the event of calamity like Tsunami, Katrina, Volcano, Earthquakes or Aids epidemic.

Where do you find the donors like Bill Gates of Microsoft and Warren Bufffet of Berkshire giving away their almost entire fortune of $ 20 to $30 billions (Rs 100,000 crores or more?) Has any other businessmen world over donated so much in spite of earning huge fortune?

There is another teaching from the Vedanta of Hinduism on how to handle one’s wealth. It says

  • When you are alone, earn for yourself.
  • When you marry, earn for your self and family
  • When you earn even more, share it with the State and local community.
  • When you have earned more than necessary for you, your entire family and your State, give it away to the humanity regardless of caste, creed, nationality or any kind of affiliation.

A human as crafted by the God has universal religion. This is why Hindus have a slogan “World is thy Family”. In Sanskrit, the mother of all languages, it quotes Lord Krishna as saying “Vasudev Kutumb kum” meaning “To large hearted, the entire Universe is his family”. No one adapted this sermon more than the Americans did. Bill and Warren are the shining examples.

HAITI, the latest earthquake calamity, brought to the fore the American nobility. President Obama immediately announced the Aid of $ 100 millions. The Hollywood film stars announced the donations running into millions.

The American peoples in the streets started donating $10 per SMS. Even students with limited means and the poorest people living in shelters started contributing from $10 onwards in spite of their limited means in the midst of severest economic crisis. They seem to say ” We know that we do not have enough, but the guy in Haiti has nothing. We can afford to lose from whatever we have left with us”

Even to the credit of President Obama, it was his noblest gesture to call upon two former Presidents, George Bush and Bill Clinton, to come back to White House and appeal to all in fund raising efforts. Those ex-Presidents in spite of political differences or affiliations got together with the President Obama to address the nation from the White House.

Such “Noble Deeds” will reward the Americans in a few years. They are large hearted people like an Ocean that never keeps anything for itself – it just throws up on the shore and also give away precious pearls. It is a law of nature.

I am sure that the present “Nobility of Americans” will pull it out of recession and economic crisis, when the terrible run of their horrendous deeds in recent past is over.

The “Deeds Always Boomerang, be they good or bad.” That is the theory of Karma. (Karma = Deeds)

Let us all salute the American People for their extra ordinary sacrifices and pray for their ultimate recovery. They deserve 5 stars at least for Haiti.

Kalidas (Anil Selarka)
Hong Kong, 16 Jan, 2010

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